Winning Hands by Karl Orozco

Winning Hands by Karl Orozco

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Winning Hands
Karl Orozco
Archival dye stamped on paper, with gold foil, embossing and pen
16 x 6.25 inches

Edition size: 15 unique pieces from a total of 130 winning Mahjong hands

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KARL OROZCO is an artist and educator based in Queens, NY. He is interested in gaming as a multidisciplinary art form for community building and non-linear storytelling. He believes good art is playful. Orozco's artistic practice centers around the games we play and the ones we inherit - digital, analog, and psychological.

Orozco was the 2018 National Artist-in-Residence at the Neon Museum of Las Vegas, NV, where he transformed their project space into a public, intergenerational mahjong parlor based on his grandmother’s underground Manila gambling den. He is currently de- and re-constructing the backstories of “ethnic” fighting game characters to be more congruent with the historical traumas and spiritual practices their creators mine.

PLEASE NOTE: Selecting the framed option may require an additional 4-6 weeks for delivery due to being exhibited at the FLXST Contemporary gallery.