Sarah Baranski, Lauren Grudzien, Harrison Huse, Sara Emilia Palomo, Sarah Pfohl, Adam Schachner, Michael Weinberg

Infinite Bodies and Their Aftermath
September 28 - October 13, 2019


Opening Reception Photographs Below

"Infinite Bodies and Their Aftermath" is a group show comprised of photographs produced by students who had enrolled in LATITUDE Chicago's critique group of the same name over the Summer 2019. The photographs exhibited and their presentations are a result of seven-weeks spread across three months of critical feedback on the students’ work. The thread that ties all the images together is the theme of "Bodies"—bodies in their infinite incarnations of visuality. The work in the show capture the figurative and conceptual possibilities when "bodies" are at the center of photographic production.

A question posed to the critique group at the start of the session was:"How might we begin to work through photography’s inspiring, weighty, and sometimes disturbing relationship to the human form, past, present, and into the photographic horizon?" The student's photographs grapple with the photographic archives and, in doing so, are creating fresh ways of thinking about the human form. Indeed, for the students, "bodies" matter significantly to photography, as subjects and agents of photographic production. Each photographer is highly aware of the heightened scrutiny of bodies in the present moment. Whether these bodies are black and brown, queer, immigrant, dis/abled, bodies of all sizes, the critique group thought through the weightiness of these and other bodies as they intersect with an understanding of photography and photographic practice.

Photographers include:
Sarah Baranski
Harrison Huse
Lauren Grudzien
Sara Palomo
Sarah Pfohl
Adam Schachner
Michael Weinberg

Photograph on this page "Steven,” 2019 by Michael Weinberg.