FLXST Contemporary is a contemporary fine arts and photography gallery and an art incubator. It showcases highly-evocative and thoughtful artwork by both emerging and mid-career artists, and it supports the creation and exhibition of new artwork across artistic visual mediums. FLXST Contemporary works and collaborates with and represents mainly diasporic im/migrant artists, LGBTQ-identified artists, and artists of color who produce thoughtful, aesthetically-driven, and timely work. FLXST Contemporary puts artists, their vision, energy, and their conceptual power first. The artwork showcased at the gallery engages viewers to think, act, and to collect the work by the talented artists that we showcase. Collecting artwork of the artists represented at FLXST Contemporary helps support and nourish the creativity and artistic production of many artists. These are artists whose voices would otherwise be muted or silenced by the so-to-often labyrinthine processes of the art world. Artists help keep communities and cultures alive in a multitude of ways. FLXST Contemporary functions as a creative space to amplify these artistic voices.

FLXST Contemporary calls the historic Motor Row district in the Near South Side, a designated landmark in the National Registry of Historic Places, its home. It is a neighborhood brimming with possibilities as we enter a new decade in its century-plus history. During its heyday in the earlier part of the 20th century, the Motor Row district showcased over 100 car models in showroom spaces as large as the one FLXST Contemporary resides. Just one block south on South Michigan Avenue resides the former headquarters of the Chicago Defender, a leading voice for Chicago’s African American community — the building itself is also a designated historic landmark.

FLXST Contemporary pays respect to the vibrant cultural and historical community all around its space. It has integrated programming and collaborations with nonprofits, local artists, and the city of Chicago that will continue to foster community engagement in our neighborhood and beyond.

Jan Christian Bernabe, Ph.D.
Chief Creative & Operations Director | Founder


2251 South Michigan Avenue
Suite 220
Chicago, IL 60616


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“Exciting new gallery space in Chicago!”

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